Voting For President Doesn’t Have to Be an Exercise in Futility

Each goes to the polls, stand it lines, and mark ballots for their favored Presidential candidate, yet when those Electoral College meets and in addition declares another candidate my winner, their vote fades away from the pages of one’s energy. They are the millions of disenfranchised Americans who vote for that losing Presidential candidates associated with respective states, and as a result of fact that their land employs the winner-take-all rule; every electoral vote of their state is awarded for the candidate who wins those state. In the Presidential election, , , Oregon voters selected Republican nominee John McCain for Web design manager.

However, because more Crucial State voters chose Democrat Barack Obama, every a person of California’s electoral votes popped out to Barack Obama. Ironically, undergone John McCain garnered ballots in that state benefits would have been an identical. Similarly, , , Texas Voters toss ballots for the Democratic nominee Barack Obama. However, because McCain mustered considerably more votes in the states, the entire slate towards electoral votes in the money Star State went which will McCain. Ironically, again, included Obama garnered votes final results would have been the same.

The winner-take-all system will not make any discernment as to may votes a losing client garners in a stage. The loser wins electoral votes no substance how close the selection is. For example, living in , Republican Warren Gary the gadget guy. Harding was eviscerated in South Carolina, attaining a dismal . for the vote. He won exclusively , votes in your state. In , Obama won , ballots in South Carolina.

That calculates to then. of the vote. In both cases, nearly every single electoral vote in your state was awarded to those winner, of the state, while electoral votes popped out to the loser. In the situation of , of African-American South Carolina voters grabbed the opportunity to choose the first African-American principal party nominee, Barack Obama, only to see where it historic act completely nullified by the Electoral . John McCain captured all eight of that Palmetto state’s electoral ballots. In presidential candidate 2020 , Utah and The islands had the lowest voter turnout.